Sunday, December 04, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011 (or more accurately, The 2011 Stomach Virus Chronicles)

It's been a rough week or two for our little family.  All we wanted to do was drive to Wisconsin, eat some good food with some good people, and drive back home.  Problem is, the stomach virus is no respecter of persons!  It all began on the way out there.  Around 1 o'clock in the morning, near Armpit of the USA Gary, Indiana, Brienna began projectile vomiting.  

Do you know what's worse than a vomiting 2-year-old who's trapped in a 5-point child restraint harness?
 Nothing.  That's what.

I'll spare you the grotesque details (I can hear you thanking me.  You're welcome.).  Suffice it to say, I got it, and then Nate got it.  Then Livvie got a bad cold, and Brienna's stomach revolted again when we got home.  Now Brienna and Ellia both have Olivia's yucky cold, and my own appetite has gone off and taken a nice long vacation. 

And now Olivia's little cold has turned itself into bronchitis, which kept her home from school a couple days.  It's keeping her up even now, 11:23 p.m., and I've just stripped her bed (again) because she coughed so hard that she threw up. (Again.)
 Thanksgiving Day itself was fairly uneventful, though.  
We like "uneventful" very much.

My girls are enamored with their darling cousin, Charlotte.  

This is Generation Four, all except one.

Olivia and Malachi play so well together now.

I asked the kids, "What's your favorite thing to do at Grandma's?"  
 Reading books was a close second.

I'm certain Brienna is telling Nate, "I do it mySELF!"

This was a hoot!  These four daredevils would line up at the top of my folks' garage drive and then zoom off down the steep decline.  They did this over and over again!

Olivia was too big a chicken to try the tire swing.

She liked the regular one, though.

I love candids.  Look at that proud grandpa's face.  

Five little grand-kiddos all in a row:
Charlotte (16 months), Brienna (2), Ellia (3), Olivia (5), Malachi (6)

Hope your Thanksgiving celebration was less germy than mine!