Monday, November 21, 2011

This and That

A few shots of goings-on around here:

 Brienna, "helping" me make granola bars.  They all LOVE to help in the kitchen.  Whenever I start rustling around in the cabinets, suddenly three little girls appear, pushing chairs over and asking, "Can I help, Mama?"  As often as I can, I say, "Yes, please!!"

 Olivia, protesting loudly when Nate and I forsook her to spend an evening out by ourselves.  Taking a picture together did nothing to assuage her grief, as you can see.

 Wrestlemania.  Brienna should've been our boy.
 Brienna kisses Grammy's ducks goodbye.

 Olivia, carefully distributing dirty clothes into the washer.  TOTALLY worth the 60 seconds it takes to get her set up and started.

 Big, beautiful 3-year-old, all ready for church.

Brienna's first (real) haircut.  Poor baby's hair grew in so unevenly, with some parts curly and some stick-straight.  It looks much better.  As an aside:  I take mental pictures every day of her huge eyes and chipmunk cheeks.  She hates it when I smother her chubby face with kisses, but I have to do it!  She'll have slim, big-girl cheeks all too soon.