Sunday, October 30, 2011

Little Theologians... and other conversations

It is such a humbling responsibility--as well as a thrilling privilege!--to be someone's first introduction to Christ.  Sometimes I can't believe the depth of their questions and thoughts! 

Me:  "Don't you want to pray tonight, Ellia?"
Ellia:  "No.  I'm too little."
Me:  "No, you aren't!  God loves to hear kids pray!  And besides, prayer is just talking.  You can talk.  It's easy!  You can tell God whatever you want, like, 'Dear God, I'm scared.' or, 'Dear God, thank you for being so good.'  Or, 'Dear God, I love you!'"
Ellia:  "Yes, but you can't give God a hug."
Me:  "Well, that's true."
Ellia:  "Where IS God?"
Me:  "God is everywhere, all at the same time."
Ellia:  "Is God in heaven, too?"
Me:  "Yes, He is."
Ellia:  "What does heaven look like?"
Me:  "I don't know, because I haven't been there yet.  But the Bible tells us that Heaven is beautiful and wonderful!"
Brienna isn't asking spiritual questions just yet.  But she likes to repeat after us when we pray, which is always irritating when she does it to the girls.   She also likes to "help" them work on their Kids4Truth memorization work, which makes them CRAZY.  She's quick as a whip! 
I especially love it when they all sing I Timothy 1:17:
"Now unto the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only wise God, be honor and glory forever and ever.  Amen."

We live approximately 1.5 miles from Olivia's school.  One morning last week, we managed to have this conversation in that short ride:
Me:  "Wow, what a pretty morning it is!"
Olivia:  "Yes!  God has made such beautiful things, right Mom?"
Me:  "He certainly has!  What a great God!"
Olivia:  "Why did He create everything?   The earth and all the animals and everything?"
Me:  "God created just because He wanted to!  The Bible tells us that He created everything for His own pleasure.  And also because His creation brings Him glory.  The trees and the changing seasons, and especially people... we can all show how good God is."
Olivia:  "Mommy, is everything that God does good?"
Me:  "YES!  The Bible says, 'You, God are good, and you do good!'  God does ONLY good things!  That's who He is!"

And tonight at bedtime, Livvie begged me to lie next to her and cuddle for awhile.  Out of nowhere, this conversation happened:
Olivia:  "Mommy, we should have more than five people in our family.  We should have ten."
Me:  "TEN!?!!  That's two parents... and EIGHT KIDS!  Now THAT would be exciting, huh?  That's a lot of sisters and brothers to share your stuff with!"
Olivia:  "Yeah, and if we had a family that big, we would HAVE to have a bigger house."
Me:  "Probably so!  We'd be pretty smushed in here."
Olivia:  "Plus, it'd be fun because we could have our own fellowship meetings."

We are never short on laughs around here!