Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

I celebrated my birthday this week.  These little girls LOVE birthday celebrations, and they helped me by keeping me updated on how many days were left until my birthday. Their wonderful daddy sent me out of the house for the day on Saturday, and I enjoyed myself thoroughly while they shopped for me and made my cake.

When I returned home, Ellia greeted me with, "MAMA, WE BOUGHT YOU SLIPPERS!"  We had pizza for dinner, followed by presents. 

Olivia worked hard on a birthday card.

I can not stop laughing at this photo.  I wish I could tell you I have no idea what Ellia is doing here, but unfortunately I'm pretty sure.  She has a licking problem, and I'm certain she was gearing up to give that toy ketchup bottle a nice big smear.  EW.

I pretended to be surprised by the slippers.  They are 100% cozy.  I will not be taking them off until mid-March.

My guy also bought me the most recent Getty CD, "Awaken the Dawn."  I love it.  And them.  And him!

I must pause here to extol my husband's stellar kitchen skills.  While it does contain a box of cake mix, it is a bit more complicated than that.  This is a triple chocolate cake, which involves a recipe, and a bundt pan, and, you know, MEASURING and such.  Halfway through my Saturday, I worried that he may not know to grease and then flour the crevice-y bundt pan, but as you can see, it looks beautiful.  Even the homemade chocolate glaze is perfect.  This bad boy was gone by Tuesday night.

I also received tickets to see Tim Hawkins, a Christian comedian.  Heard of him? 
OH, DEAR.  He is funny.  Take, for example, this:

I would love to know if this story really is true:

Yea, verily, methinks this will be a fun date.

It is fun to be thirty-one!