Tuesday, September 06, 2011

(Quick) Trip to WI

The weekend before school started we went to my folks' for a quick visit.  As always, it went by far too quickly for our liking, but we are always thankful for the opportunity to see them.

Olivia likes to read.  A LOT.

We went to the county fair, where my girls were totally SPOILED with ride wristbands.
They absolutely loved the rides!

Even the baby loved 'em!

We sat around together, played outside lots, and ate.  Lots.
And smiled lots, too.

Brienna loves baby dolls, but she didn't like this one's hair.
She kept trying to pull it out.

Vacation is tiring, I tell you!  


Teena in Toronto said...

Where did the summer go?! Ha!

Happy blogoversary :)