Friday, June 17, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Ellia Joy turned three this week.  Not that we could ever forget, but we've been reminiscing about  the details of her arrival.  She's growing and learning and quite happy, except for when she's not.  We're working on using self-control with our voice, and showing kindness to others.  And when I say "we," it's all-inclusive.  Happy 3rd birthday, Ellia! 

The garden is in and growing.  Well, mostly.  My green pepper row is still empty.  I started jalapenos indoors from seed, and I've got about a dozen plants.  Started tomatoes early, too, and I have nearly twenty.  WOW, ambitious much?

Brienna is (still) our daredevil.  She can climb into and on top of the most surprising places!

The up side:  she totally wears herself out doing it.

Even though we aren't big into the princess craze, we did cave and give Ellia her one birthday wish:  a princess cake.  The look on her face made it totally worth it.

Remember this photo?  The climbing whatever-they-are? 
Well, this is how they look this evening:

We're elbow-deep in paint, getting lots of special projects and gifts ready for Father's Day.

Make that neck-deep.

Olivia Marie is coming up on FIVE years old.  She tells us every day, "I don't want to wait all summer for school!  I WANT TO GO RIGHT NOOOOOWWWWW!"

We are just as excited about Kindergarten as she is.