Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Snow Day!

We declared today a Snow Day! 
 (the fence between us and our neighbor.)

It's too cold and snowy for the two little ones to go out! 
So how do you have a Snow Day--inside--when you're normally at home anyway?

First, pull the shades/blinds/curtains, so you can enjoy the beautiful, white scenery!

Stay in your jammies.  (IF you can get your kids agree to it!  Ellia likes clothes, NOT jammies.)

Do LOTS of reading. 
Snuggled under a blanket is best. 
Eat fun things.  In fun places. 
We like to eat in the kids' play tent by flashlight.

Take the day off of housework!  And let your kids know it!   
(Okay, so I wiped out the science experiment mess in the microwave today. 
And I tossed the dog's blanket into the wash.  But nothing else!)

Do something special together!  Bake something, have a tea party, watch a movie, or get extra-fancy when you play dress-up.  Just do it together!

And by all means, have some hot cocoa!