Tuesday, February 01, 2011

She is a Catch!

Now taking applications:  possible suitors for my middle child, Ellia, age 2-1/2.

You'll want to submit them as soon as possible--I'm certain there will be a mile-long line of parents, eager to match their little boys with this one!

She's a serious-natured child, with a sweet expression and a gentle disposition.

She's alert, bright-eyed, and definitely a morning person. 

She is a quiet, meek soul--she's very content to sit and read, color, or work on her needlepoint.

She has impeccable manners, and she's always poised and appropriate.

An extremely intelligent child, she's got "smarts" written all over her face.

I'm certain Ellia is the creme de la creme--and I know you agree.  Apply today!

Next up:  the very-mature-for-her-age 4-year-old! 
Stay tuned!


Melissa said...

Just wanted to let you know... Olivia's new haircut is adorable! :-)