Friday, January 21, 2011

"...tell of His deeds in songs of joy!"

  • After several months of searching, we're excited about a promising job opportunity for Nate.  He is pursuing a full-time-plus sales position with a highly reputable auto dealership.  We are so thankful for God's clear direction these last several weeks, in which we've explored and prayed over several different options... not all of them 100% appealing.  It's been a test of faith, but it is always exciting to report that God is working. 
  • I've landed a small part-time job myself, one that's fairly flexible and pays very well.  The girls enjoy their special time with just their Daddy, and I'm enjoying a bit of alone (or nearly alone) time myself!  It feels good to contribute to our family financially, even if it's just a small portion.
  • With the exception of one (very) small stomach bug, our family has enjoyed fantastic health this winter!  We know many, many families who have not.  We don't take it for granted.
  • I'm reading through the Bible via the Chronological Plan this year.  I don't know why I never did it this way before; what a blessing!  I'm amazed at God's providence in preserving His Word for me--little old me--to read and understand. 
  • God has been busy among us:  orchestrating events, bringing people into our path, meeting needs, growing our faith.  It's a privilege to know Him and serve Him!
"And let them offer sacrifices of thanksgiving, and tell of His deeds in songs of joy!"
~~Psalm 107:22~~