Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Renewing Their Minds

I'm so glad we requested the Hide 'Em In Your Heart CD for Ellia this past Christmas.  (It's Scripture, set to music.)

The kids have committed to memory verses about obedience, trust, loving each other, and prayer. 

And they've also learned Romans 12:21.

In fact, the other day at lunch, Ellia was displaying a horrible attitude.  My attempts to help her correct it were met with resistance, but you know what DID work?  The reproof of her big sister, who said firmly but gently:

"Ellia, you are being overcome by evil.  You really need to overcome evil with good!"


Mary Ann said...

Ha! That is so cute & funny! Last night in our ladies' Bible study one of the ladies was talking about how one of her teenagers had been having a discipline problem which left her very discouraged. That led to a huge discussion about how at some points kids often resist listening to their parents but will listen to someone else - like a sibling or an extended family member, etc. even if the message is exactly the same. What a perfect example in your story!

TwoMuths said...

LOVE Hide em in Your Heart! I find myself humming them over in my head too. that is a great application - very insightful, Olivia!

Alicia said...

WE LOVE HIDE EM IN YOUR HEART!!! (We kind of maxxed out on it so now we're listening to other stuff) Love it when siblings step in to do the rebuking before you have to! Saves you some of the dirty work! :)

Bobbi said...

So cute! We have those on DVD and love them too!