Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Kid Speak

Lately the girls have been cracking us up with their funny statements and questions.  A few of the latest and greatest:

* Nate walked in the door after clearing snow off of our vehicles, ice scraper in hand.  Ellia asked, "Is that a GUN?"

*Olivia says dreamily, "Oh, how I wish I had a brother to kiss and hug and love!"
(not an announcement)

* I was cleaning and chopping cauliflower and tossing it into the steamer basket for dinner.  Livvie saw some stray carrot sticks in the veggie bowl and said, "DON'T put any carrots in there, Mom--that would be GRODY!"

* Olivia and I were playing doctor, and the exchange was nothing short of delightful. 

Mommy:  "What's your name?  Dr. Adams?"
Olivia:  "No.  Dr. Seuss."
Mommy:  "Oh!  So what's wrong with me, doc?"
Olivia:  "I'm afraid you have poison."
M:  "Poison!  How did that happen?  A poisonous animal?  Like a snake?  Some kinds of snakes are poisonous." 
O:  "No, not a snake.  It was a poisonous bear.  Sometimes, you see, bears get poisonous sand, and they make honey out of it."
M:  "Well!  I had no idea!  Honey made from poisonous sand!"
O:  "Yes.  And there's also poisonous leaves and poisonous trees."
M:  "Well, am I going to be all right?  Is there some medicine I should take?"
O:  "Yes." (produces a bottle of play meds) "Take two of these."
M:  "Ew.  I don't like medicine.  Does this medicine taste good?  What flavors do you have?"
O:  "We have four flavors.  Strawberry flavor, blueberry flavor, lemon flavor, and probiotics!"