Monday, December 06, 2010

Brain Dump: Holiday Edition

I am hopelessly disjointed in my thought processes of late. 

Bear with me.  (or look away.)

1.   Been trying to sell things on craigslist like a fiend lately.  This has led to Internet Usage Guilt, which I constantly battle already.  Some days I'd love to chuck the computer out the window.  But not 30 minutes later, I hop on it to look up a recipe, and shoot a quick e-mail question to my friend, and look up the operating hours of our local Value World.  (They're open til 9 on weeknights, by the way.)  And I realize how dependent I am on it! 

2.  Been dealing with lots and LOTS of whining around here.  Fit-throwing, too.  Baby Girl often bounces from one off-limits item to the next, all day long.  Christmas tree, coasters, cell phone, nativity set, trash, potatoes, CD's...  and most recently.  The computer mouse.
I'm going to call Santa and put her on the Naughty List.

3.  I saw a Charlie Brown nativity set a couple weeks ago, and I nearly squealed with delight.  I didn't buy it, but only because we're tightening up our budget (again.).  Isn't this darling? 
O MY STARS.  I got this photo from Amazon, which lists it at $39.99.  It was $17 when I saw it in the store.
I just died.

4.  Got my tree up and house decorated.  Christmas cards are waiting for addresses (stamps, actually).  2 gifts yet to be bought... 2 to be made.  It just might be a really relaxing and thoughtful Christmas this year!  (then why is my head spinning???)

5.  All I want for Christmas is a maid.  And someone to make my coffee in the morning. 

6.  You know, I don't mind most housework, but there are just a few little tasks that I find really annoying.  Not even "bad" chores, like scrubbing toilets.  I don't mind that. 

It's stuff like wiping the table after meals and sweeping/wiping/chipping food scraps from chairs, booster seats, children, and the floor.  Ugh.  Three-plus times per day. 

Dishes. That'll always be on my list. 
(Actually, I'll settle for a dishwasher for Christmas.) 
(A human or a machine.  Either will do.)

Putting laundry away.  I like the washing, drying, and even folding.  But putting it away?  Especially the hang-up stuff?  Blah.

7.  Speaking of lazy, (who, ME?) I'm really dragging my feet on potty training Ellia.  Poor kid hates to be wet and REALLY LOATHES being stinky.  I know she'll train quickly with a little help, so I ought to just buckle down and do it. 
Maybe after Christmas.

8.  How was your Thanksgiving?  Ours was nice.  I think.  It always goes much too quickly, but we had a good time seeing family again and eating ourselves sick.  I took lots of photos, but this one's my very favorite from Thanksgiving:
Isn't my mom the cutest?

9.  I don't care if I never step foot into another store again.  Not that I've done scads of shopping lately... quite the contrary, actually.  I just don't like it recently. 

10.  What kind of appetizer should I bring to our church's Ladies' Thing this Thursday?  Please advise. 
And if I can throw it together without going to the store... all the better!

11.  Last year Olivia was so cute, playing with her nativity set and saying the Christmas story over and over.  This year? 
(and I quote)

(holds Mary)
"Let's see... should I marry this wise man?  Or this one?  Maybe I'll marry the shepherd!"

CLEARLY she's grasping the Reason for the Season.
And clearly we have a job to do.

On that note, this Brain Dump has been successfully completed.  Thanks for your cooperation.


Mary Ann said...

Ha! You crack me up & I am so with you on wanting a maid for Christmas. Or a dishwasher. Oh how lovely to be able to cook or just eat a meal without dreading the dishes!
Love the Charlie Brown nativity! Super cute!
And I'm with you on the no shopping thing. I needed to get a new something to wear to a somewhat fancy dinner this past weekend & I spent about 5 hours shopping for one decent outfit. I may be done clothes shopping FOREVER.

Amanda said...

So with you on the few little tasks that are just dishes. I would love a dishwasher too--human or machine. :) And the Laundry thing, I feel the same way. I don't mind all the washing, drying and folding, but when it comes to getting put away, it sits in the baskets forever!