Tuesday, October 12, 2010

K4T Hayride

Last weekend our church kids had their annual hayride. 

It was a perfect day--sunny and warmish (for fall).  The kids lined up to do some relay races while everyone arrived.

Olivia was so careful not to spill the marshmallow off of her spoon.

Then, they rolled these miniature pumpkins down and back.

Finally, it was hayride time! 
I get such a kick out of seeing my girl with her friends (many of whom include cousins, but whatever.).

Happy Fall! 
How's the weather where you are?


Mary Ann said...

Happy fall to you, too Karen! That looks like a fun hayride. The weather here has been TOASTY! I spent a day with my parents at the Covered Bridge Festival on Monday & it was close to 90 degrees. But we still had a great time. I'm a warm weather lover so I'll take every day of the heat I can get :-) We are in desperate need of rain & we have a chance to get some today - I'm praying for it!