Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Brain Dump

1.  I've tasted and seen that S*Bucks' Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate is goooooooooood.  I mean, GOOD.  (Thanks again, Jenny.)  I've also seen that one small cup costs $3.25.  And I read that they contain as many calories as a Big Mac.  Which is why I'm committed to making them at home.   I am dedicated, oh yes I am.

2.  I went thrift store shopping with a $20 bill in my pocket.  I came home with seven tops, one fitted bedsheet, and $1.40 leftover.  I do love me some secondhand shopping.  And since I had almost no dressy/dress-casual tops for this fall & winter, I certainly was in need.  I've been told I wear too much black and not enough color/prints (How, I wonder, is this not considered rude?).  So I tried my best to vary my selections.

Apparently, I also have a affinity for stripes. 

Nevertheless, I'm thankful for the generous one who gifted me the money, and for the Gracious One behind it all.  And now maybe people will stop telling me how to dress.  (Please understand I'm mostly amused by this.)

3.  We've had evangelistic meetings at our church this week, and they've been positively soothing for my soul.  I serve such a glorious and worthy God! 

4.  My thirdborn is the spitting image of her father.  It's eerie, really.  Take a look:

***her father***

My goodness, look at the eyelashes.  Wish I could get my hands on a photo of him at a year old. 

5.  I'm having trouble finding brown shoes for Olivia.   My first stop, as usual, was Wal-M*rt, but they had  They had black, pink, sparkly, sequin-y, ballet, princess, and every other style you could ask for, but not a single pair of brown shoes in a size ten.  I checked the thrift store, only to be disappointed again.  Are they not "in" this year?  Please advise. 

6.  One morning this week, Ellia came in to wake me up (been SO tired this week! [not pregnant.  see #3]), and she said,

"Mama, can you hold me?  And then you can get some coffee." 

And then I died.  And then I prayed earnestly that my kids would never, ever grow up past the adorable toddler age. 

7.  If anyone runs into the housecleaning fairies, tell them I've got a bone to pick and they'd better high-tail it over to my house immediately, if not sooner.  I'd be just horrified if anyone stepped foot in here--it's cluttery, sticky, dusty, fingerprint-y, crumb-y, and messy.  I'm going to blame it on #3 again, and also on the housecleaning fairies.  I'm expecting the filming crew of Hoarders: Buried Alive to show up any minute. 

~~This Brain Dump has been successfully completed.  Thank you for your cooperation.~~


TwoMuths said...

LOVE IT! So many things to say, not enough time to say it but I will say this.

1. it is considered rude, unless it is your spouse. Mine tells me the same thing with frequency. I do try, to be fair.

2. I can't find ANY boys shoes in my kids's sizes. Ever. No matter what size they are wearing. Seriously. And then we get a gift of shoes. I feel one coming for you. :-) Not from me, but I definitely feel one coming.

CJSarah said...

Your kids are SO cute!!! I LOVE shopping at thrift store...always find good stuff for good deals!! Try Target, Kohls or Salvation Army for shoes for Olivia. Will pray that you'll find some soon! I really enjoyed reading your blog - keep it up! :)

Sarah Elwood

Anonymous said...

Target for girl's shoes, brown ones!

Alicia said...

Ugh. The utter shoe dilemma. I hate it! I DID though find brown shoes for Chloe at Wally World last fall/winter. They were incredibly cheap though and barely made it through the season. I say check out Target and keep your eyes peeled at thrift stores. Know anyone that could hand some shoe-sies down to Olivia?