Monday, June 28, 2010

What $0.73 can buy

I scored big time at the grocery store! 
These boxes of cereal were marked down from $4.99 (PER! BOX!  Who would ever?) to $0.99.  That was a great deal already, but then I discovered that each one had a $1 coupon attached.  They paid me 4 cents to take this cereal home!

And the organic single-serve strawberry milk--what a treat for the girlies!--was marked down from $1.29 each to $0.59.  And I had a coupon for $1/3.  
Not a bad little haul! 
(Please, please forgive the photos.  I keep praying that next I'll find a nice marked-down camera with a peelie coupon attached!)

The Lord has blessed us this month with many such steals and deals!  So far, we've saved about 72% on our grocery bill!  He is good!


Jenny said...

Wow, what an awesome deal! Really, who pays $4.99 a box for cereal? But for them to pay you to "buy" them, awesome.

And I bet the girls loved the milk.

Thanks for posting your deals!