Monday, April 05, 2010

Cooking up a storm!

So far freezer cooking day is going great! I didn't really get started until about 9, and look at all I've been able to get done! 6 "cans" homemade chicken broth, 3# taco meat, 9 dozen meatballs, 4 pizza crusts, 2 pans chicken spaghetti, and butterhorn dough. Whew! I'm glad I had a frozen meatloaf to throw in the crockpot for tonight!
As I assembled the Chicken Spaghetti, I started feeling jittery. Brienna wanted to nurse, so I figured I'd better eat, too. Melissa has been wonderful this morning, taking the girls outside to play and take a walk, doing fingerpainting (brave soul!), playing with modeling clay, and feeding them lunch.

I'd better get back at it!


Stacey said...

So excited for ya that you're getting all that done, what a great accomplishment and fabulous idea.

How do you do the meat loaf in the crock pot? Great idea.

Also would love the recipe for the Chicken spaghetti.

Connie said...

I exhausted just reading all you've done! Whew!