Friday, January 22, 2010

Tech Savvy

Thanks to her cousin Leah, Olivia is learning to navigate the computer.
She LOVES this site, especially the "Dress Your Snowman" game.

See this, Grandma? You've got no excuse now! *wink!*


Alicia said...

starfall is the BEST! I didn't even have to click the link -- I could tell from your picture that Olivia was working on starfall. Just wait until you get to the phonics songs and games -- such GREAT and FUN teaching tools!

Check out this site too, very fun, educational (in the language areas) and easy to navigate:

Shyla said...

starfall is the best! i didn't even have to click your link b/c jackson plays it all of the time! he loves dressing the snowman! where has the time gone? :)

Shyla said...

i can't believe alicia and i started our comments out the same way! LOL

Shyla said...

one more thing... I LOVE LOVE LOVE her ponytail!