Friday, January 08, 2010

Of Things To Come

Susie sent Olivia this dress-up costume at Christmastime.
Livvie is in all her princess-pretty-grownup glory when she wears her "married dress."
She's almost unbearable, with her curtsying and hair-tossing and "I can't put my books away, Mom--I'm getting married!"
First, she wanted to marry Daddy, but I managed to convice her that Daddy is taken.


Stacey said...

This is priceless.

How exciting that Ryan and Celeste had another baby, I had no idea. Her name is beautiful very close to Ellia Joy (Right)

The coffee is so good. It's Vienna blend is what is says. And the chocolates are worth it but hey I don't want to temp you:-) We are on the Daniels fast also and we are on our 9th day:-) 20 more to go.

Do you have Celeste's e-mail address?

Burtt Family said...

Aww, that is way too cute!! I can't wait to see her tomorrow. :-)


ruth said...

She is a beautiful little mini bride. How do you even stand it?