Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

We had a nice Thanksgiving in Wisconsin with my family last week. We had a smaller crowd around the table--only 33 this year--but it felt busy enough!

Nate, snuggling Brienna. She did wonderfully!

Aunt Kolette (brave hostess) & cousin Keiara

My pretty mom and Brienna

The table. Every year the attendees sign it.

Olivia signed her own name this year. That was weird.

My cousin's kid, Caitlin. I think she must've pinched my poor baby.

Keiara and her sweet boy Gavin. He's so smiley!

My uncle Greg with my sweet little Ellia. Actually, she warmed up to him quite well after he gave her a sip of his MOUNTAIN DEW.

No, I'm not kidding.

My dear grandparents couldn't attend this year; Gramps's health continues to deteriorate. I did manage a couple visits, and someone did make sure they got plates of Thanksgiving dinner and pie.

Generation Two: The Sons

Generation Two & their spouses--only half of my grandparents' children are represented in this photo.

Generation Three & their spouses--only 13 of 31 kids represented here.

Generation Four--we're missing one. (Johanna!)

Our little family of 5

And my brother with his family of 3-and-a-half--they're expecting next July!
How was your Thanksgiving?