Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Brienna's little cheeks are starting to fill out.

Love this Baby Doll!

I wonder if she gets tired of this. I can't stop doing it!
P.S.--What's with the green sparkle in my earring!? Cool, eh?

Poor bunny gets this treatment twice a day:
a warm soak in Epsom salts, followed by a "gentle" coaxing back of the skin at the end of her big toes. And a little picking/digging. And sometimes, bleeding. And then a good dab of tea tree oil. What a trooper. I think she screams extra loudly because she knows I'll cuddle and coo and snuggle and nurse her when we're done.

The toe is looking a bit better--I can at least see the end of her toenail now, which is an improvement. And it doesn't seem to be as red or swollen. Hopefully soon I'll be able to get the fingernail clippers under there and snip that sucker off!