Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New Fetish

I'm a snowman person. I think they're darling. I don't decorate with Santa, reindeer, or Christmas tree items...just snowmen. But...
Last Christmas I suddenly wanted a nativity set. After the season, I snagged this one:
I find them so interesting!
I notice them everywhere this year, and I enjoy seeing all the different styles.
This one was a gift from my fantastic Secret Sister:
Thanks, April! I love it, especially the fact that each figure has a Scripture verse imprinted on it. How unique!
April also gave this set to Olivia:
Can you say adorable?

She enjoys playing with it, and giving voice to each character...

Wise man: "Look at that bright star! Let's bring Jesus presents of gold, freshness, and a mirror!" (Gold, frankincense, myrrh. Not kidding.)
Shepherd: "Let's go right now to see the Baby Jesus in Bethlehem."
Angel: "Do not be afraid; I have good news!"
Mary: "It's okay, Baby Jesus, don't cry! There is no room at the inn, but you are safe in the manger!"

Move over, snowmen--I may start up a new collection!


Weadock Family said...

I like your new fetish!! What a neat idea--have nativities all over the house instead of other "frivolous" things. (I like snowmen, too!!) Any idea where the nativity with the Scripture verses on it came from?? I really like that one.