Thursday, November 05, 2009

Walking Tornado

We like to call Ellia "the tank." She can't do anything delicately or quietly. She's got such a BIG personality, and she has learned lots of new words lately:

stop, stop it, please, bless you, hot, cold, thank you, all gone, and the big N-O.

We are in for it, I'm afraid.

I almost forgot to show off the finished results of our pumpkin-carving! Left to right: Nate & Olivia's spider, Ellia's & my cat, and Susie's smiley face. Cute, huh? Too bad these bad boys aren't so good for eating--they're enormous!


Stacey said...

Such creative pumpkins.

So glad to know that there is one more out there like our T-Rex! They both are a mess :-)

Alicia said...

Incredible pumpkins! You guys are very talented at carving!

I still roast huge pumpkins. You get way more pumpkin for your money and I don't think the taste is bad. Still very pumpkin-y just not as sweet as the mini pie pumpkins.

Hang in there with your "tank"! :)