Wednesday, November 04, 2009


***Coming soon to a United State near you... ever been arrested for having a religious discussion with someone who happened to disagree with you? This couple was.

***I want to make this. Right now. Oh, I fear I shall die of the sweetness! (And I'm not even a "floral person.")

***I'll be the first to admit it: internet addiction--specifically blogs & Facebook--is a very real and looming possibility for me. This was a super reminder. I need these every once in awhile, to keep my priorities in check.

***Crave meatloaf much? I didn't think so. But when I first tried this one, I knew I was in love. With meatloaf. Who'da thunk it!? Ridiculously delicious, AND easy. It's a keeper!

***And, just because he's so stinkin' cute: this video of my funny, adorable nephew. His mom says, "He often recites [this Bible verse] when he gets in trouble." Even if it IS through clenched teeth!