Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sweet Samples

I just received my free homeopathic medicine samples from Boiron. I'm excited--not that I'm in a hurry to use them or anything, though! The samples include Chestal cough remedy (a retail-sized bottle, actually!), Oscillococcinum flu remedy, and Coldcalm pellets for cold relief.

I've become increasingly interested in homeopathy since I first became pregnant. My experiences with natural remedies have been nothing but wonderful!
The free sample offer has ended, but their websites are certainly worth reading. Learn more about Boiron's new cold and flu products, and be sure to check out their snazzy new blog.


Kelley Kuehn said...

We use the Chestal and the Ocillo and love both! The kids love taking the Chestal which is a huge help! Key to the Ocillo is to take it as soon as you feel flu symptoms coming on. If you take it once it is full blown it doesn't help much, but we have had several times when we felt it coming on, knew it was going around, and took one and managed to escape it! Wish I could have gotten in on the freebies!

Anonymous said...

Can you tell me how to get the free stuff. THanks Tammy here is my email

6 Wilsons said...

THanks for that good info Karen. How are you doing with the 3 kiddos? Hope all is well. I've been doing a little research on homeopathic remedies and vaccinations. It's so much to absorb...Shannon sent me some good info. So much to learn. It's gonna take me awhile. :)