Monday, September 28, 2009

More Little Girls

Brienna is proving to be a serious, quiet baby so far. It's fun to see the different personalities of kids within the same family.

Livvie & Ellia are adjusting wonderfully. (Speaking of different, look at that hair!)

Ellia likes to play with Brienna's car seat.

We were sad to say goodbye to my folks last week. But we look forward to seeing them at Thanksgiving!

Brienna in her Sunday best.

a Sunday afternoon nap--this is my favorite way to hold babies!

Proud big sister

teaching pat-a-cake

Other than the expected fatigue, I'm feeling much better lately. We've been blessed by good friends and family who've brought us meals and sent flowers, cards, and gifts. God certainly is gracious to us!


Alicia said...

I hear ya on napping with babies on your chest. That's the best! Hope you can get some extra rest this week!

Vicki said...

Yay! You're coming for Thanksgiving?

Stacey said...

So happy to hear you are feeling better, I'm sure you'll have a great routine that works for ya in no time.

She is beautiful!

Kim Rhoney said...

Hi Karen,
Phoebe and I have just been reading your blog and catching up on "all" of your girls!! Brienna looks beautiful as do Olivia and Ellia. Wow! You must be sooooo busy ;)
Would love to bring the girls to see the baby when you are ready for a play date, even if its 2010!!