Friday, September 04, 2009

A Kid's Birthday, the Frugal way

How are we keeping costs down for Livvie's third birthday?

  1. We aren't having a birthday party. That is to say, we aren't having all her little cousins and grandparents and aunts & uncles over. We did it for her 1st and 2nd birthdays, but we don't want to be stuck doing it every year. Even with a simple meal and easy decorations, the costs add up quickly! And, we are on kid #3, after all! So we're planning to have a fun family day on Wednesday, the day before her b-day (Nate works on Thursday.). But it'll just be us! Simple, intimate, frugal, and no stress!
  2. We aren't buying extravagant gifts. In our house, this is a given... for any occasion! I dug through my gift "closet" (just a big box, really) and found a little thing or two that she'll like. A couple months ago, I ran across this darling thing, and I knew I had to make one for my own fairy princess! Note: Scroll down...I made the girls' garden fairy version, not the boys' Robin Hood one. I ended up having to purchase only the hula hoop and felt--with a 40% off coupon!--thanks to craigslist and freecycle and my own stash. And a kind friend. In addition, I'm making an art smock for her, complete with fancy buttons and pockets.
  3. We aren't buying, or making, a fancy-pants cake. I found a princess cake mix at Kroger for $1.49... comes with edible princess-y images and everything. She's tickled pink!

Let's face it--at age three, kids don't require much to be amused or impressed. Olivia will be thrilled if we spend an hour at the park and $4 on a Happy Meal.

How do you keep tabs on spending when it comes to your kids' birthdays?

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Stacey said...

Most of the time the big to do's for our kids Birthdays are really all about us if you think about it. They are happiest with a pen, paper and a piece of cake.

For Brienna's 1st B-day we opted out of the big to do party, since we learned from Aleia's 1st B-day that it was really more overwhelming for them then it was worth. We tend to enjoy a small home intimate party with a home made cake. It's makes the kids happier and the parents more relax.

Although at times we wish we had the pleasure of sharing B-days with Grandma's, Grandpa's, Auntie's, Uncle's and cousins, it sure does make for great memories, but we do well at making our own with just our little family.

Alicia said...

Very wise of you! I L.O.V.E. planning and throwing parties so I have a hard time restraining myself. :) BUT we always do our parties very frugally. I do as much as possible homemade, from scratch, or from thrift stores. My mom also thrives on parties so she likes to help finance them. :) And I let her!

Have a fun family day together!

Doesn't love a wall said...

This was a good read for me.... :( I just tallyed up Madda's guest list for her birthday and there's over 30 people...... we got her a huge Thomas Train Table etc......
she will probably play with the box

good karen GOOD