Friday, August 28, 2009

Wishing Well, According to Olivia, According to Me.

Olivia Marie will be turning three in less than 2 weeks.


Is this shocking to anyone besides me?

Anyway, Livvie is still a bit young to be making a wishlist, so I've come up with a short one, based on her current interests. Not that anybody should feel obligated to buy her anything, mind you! This list was originally made with my own forgetful brain in mind.

Olivia's Birthday Wishlist, In No Particular Order

  1. CD's or cassettes of good Christian music. She has a few, but they're mostly Sunday School choruses and such. Nothing wrong with those, but "Only a Boy Named David" and "Fishers of Men" can challenge & stimulate her only so long. I'd really love for her to learn more meaty, meaningful music. Any of these would be just awesome.

  2. DVD's of Bible stories/ character-building life lessons. Dora and Mickey Mouse are harmless enough, but they certainly aren't doing anything for her eternal welfare.

  3. Paints & painting supplies. The child painted with her cousin for the first time last weekend, and she loved it! She's very artsy-fartsy (not sure where she got that from!), and she has scads of crayons and coloring books already. I figured she'd love painting, and I was right! She needs all things painting: brushes, paints, paper/figurines, and especially a smock.

  4. Girly/Princess things. Of any sort. Tiaras, jewelry, dresses, shoes, purses, and the like. She loves it all.

  5. Crafts/projects. She is busy, busy, busy! And she loves all things foam, glue, beads, buttons, yarn, tape, clay, etc., etc., etc! Oh, boy, and if she could make herself some snazzy jewelry to sport around the house? My GOODNESS, she'd be in crafty Princess heaven.

  6. Puzzles. She's so good at them, and she really likes them. Unfortunately, she doesn't have any that are challenging enough for her. We're not looking for peg puzzles, like these:
    ...thinking more along the lines of real, true jigsaw-type ones, like this:
...or creative, different styles, like this cube puzzle here, which yields 6 pictures in one puzzle!
Her birthday will be here before we know it! And we'll be ready! (I hope!)


TwoMuths said...

Karen, just wondering if you've ever watched the LeapFrog Letter Factory DVD? Aaron got that for his third b-day and LOVES it. He knows all his letter sounds now - and his birthday was August 1. (and he does not just sit around watching the DVD!!)

I also picked up "Baby's First Signs" at a yard sale for Evan, but Aaron's been signing after watching that one 2x, too. He tries to teach E. It's so cute.

This is a great list! I LOVE that cube puzzle on the bottom! Who makes it?

Shyla said...

We have some cd's for the boys called Praise Baby cd's. They have songs like "God of wonders" and Doxology. The boys really like them.
Here's the link on amazon and you can listen to them there...

I don't know how "beaty" you want them- but these are pretty mellow. Good for nap/bedtime too if you play music for them then.

It's fun to hear jackson singing along to our chris tomlin cd b/c he's heard the songs on his cd's!

Karen said...

Jenny: Thanks for the suggestions. I'm a big fan of both signing and Leap. And the cube puzzle is by Melissa & Doug. Or Doug & Melissa.'s not even 7!

Shyla: I love Praise Baby! Can't believe I forgot about those! Marking it down... Thanks!