Saturday, August 08, 2009

Pregnancy Update: (nearly) 34 weeks

Yesterday I had a checkup with my OB-GYN, at which time I detailed the strange symptoms I've been experiencing this week. I was so relieved when she took me seriously, asking lots of pointed questions and taking notes as I spoke. I was so afraid I'd get waved off with a simple, "Oh, just take it easy, honey, you're pregnant after all!"

Based on my symptoms, she was able to rule out the scary, serious things (heart arhythmia, neurological stuff, blood clots--!!!). But she wasted no time in sending me off to the lab for a full round of blood work. She was specifically interested in my electrolyte levels, iron levels, and something about an underlying systemic infection. (I'm still trying to kick this stubborn cold!) Later on, she called me to let me know that my labs all came back normal. I'm still quite anemic--my hematocrit levels were 32; apparently 37 is normal. But that's up 2 points from my last blood test, so it doesn't appear that iron deficiency is to blame.

While I'm glad to know that my blood work is okay, I must admit I'm just a little disappointed that the problem hasn't been found. And, I've been drinking so much water these last couple days... to the point where I actually feel sick from it!

The doctor advised more rest, a prescription I'm glad to fill! She also said that if the spells continue or worsen, I should have someone take me in to triage while one is happening. I guess it makes sense to have tests done during an episode, to get an accurate picture. Hopefully it won't come to that.

Can you believe this baby will be full-term in just 3 weeks?
That's THREE. Uno, dos, tres.


TwoMuths said...

Rats, I was hoping for an answer too. What is your blood pressure like? In normal range, or on the low side??