Thursday, August 06, 2009

Exhaustion to the Extreme?

Aside from the normal pregnancy complaints (back pain, nausea, etc.), I've had absolutely no out-of-the-ordinary symptoms, until now. Can anyone relate?

Since Sunday I've had a handful of strange "episodes" which render me almost completely incapacitated. It's as though a wave washes over me, making my limbs feel like they're a hundred pounds apiece. I can barely keep my head from flopping over, and I can do nothing but sit or lie down until it passes. We're not talking about late-pregnancy fatigue, here. I have that, no doubt about it! But these are definite come-and-go incidents which show no predictability whatsoever. Late morning on Sunday... early afternoon Monday... early morning Tuesday...late evening Tuesday... I don't feel as though I'll faint, and except for the early morning incident, I didn't necessarily feel sleepy. Nate was home that morning, thankfully, and I stayed in bed & slept past 10. I couldn't believe it.

The best way to describe it: it's eerily similar to the feelings I had when I took Vicodin several years ago after my ACL surgery. Just before it knocked me out completely, every part of my body was heavy and just plain spent. My first guess was that perhaps my iron was extremely low, so I increased it. We'll see.

I called my OB-GYN's office yesterday. They told me to sit or lie down as much as possible, drink plenty of water, etc... Mmm hmm. My regularly scheduled checkup is tomorrow morning. Hopefully I'll have no more incidents to report.

So! Have any of you mommies experienced this sudden feeling of being drugged?


TwoMuths said...

YES! This has happened to me - although usually my knees almost buckle and I feel like I can't keep my eyes from crossing or closing - in exhaustion! I have very low blood pressure and expect it's from that - let us know what the doc says! Hope you can solve the mystery!

Mary Ann said...

My goodness! Be careful & don't get up too quickly. If it is low blood pressure you need to move slowly. Maybe make sure your blood sugar isn't dipping low? I have no idea but I'll pray for you.

Alicia said...

That never happened to me -- but it sounds like the episodes warrant a call or visit to the doctor! Take care of yourself and hope you get some answers soon!