Monday, August 17, 2009

Old School

Wanna see some baby/toddler/little kid photos of me? I knew you would!
My mom & my grandma send me old photos from time to time; I get a kick out of comparing them to my girls' photos. Let's do a bit of time travel, shall we? (just click on the photos to enlarge.)

Baby Karen @ 10 months. Why on earth my parents thought this tidal wave-looking mohawk was cute, I'll never know.

@ 14 months. I see Ellia here.

@ 2 years. My goodness, but I was cute! Sorry! Can't help it when I see this particular photo.

just 2 months later...
maybe it's the hairstyle, but it seems like a much older me.

Perhaps it's just the expression, but this one reminds me of Livvie.

@ 3 years (or thereabouts). I was the flower girl for my aunt & uncle's wedding. I was a perfectly behaved dolly, I'm told. Okay, actually I threw a pretty big temper tantrum partway through the photo session, in which I allegedly stuck the handle of my parasol into my mouth and stood with my hands on my hips.


@ age 4. I love doing Livvie's ponytails this way, too.

@ age 5. Great dress, huh?

@ age 6.

And, just because I feel ornery, here's a shot of my parents from waaaay back. 1970, to be exact. This was taken at the Valentine Formal when they were in college, 18 years old. EIGHTEEN! I love dad's expression...

...but not his glasses! Yikes, Papa! I'd love to know what came over you! "Max, buddy, take another one, but wait a sec... I wanna put my sweet frames on!"


Weadock Family said...

I love the 6 year old picture--very pretty little girl :) I can see both your girls in you, too!

Now, about 1970 being waaaay back...that's the year I was born! It was just a few short years ago :0)

Karen said...

AGCK! When I realized my folks would've been only 18 in seemed forever ago! I was born only 10 years later. Guess it's not sooooo far back. :) Sorry!

Stacey said...

Most of the time you look back on pictures and you can hardly tell who the little girls was without looking on the back of the photo, but I have to tell you that you can see you in ever picture, you've hardly changed:-) really. You still have such a baby face....that's a good thing:-)

I can see both of your girls in the pics too, Livvie has your shape of face it seems.

What great memories to look back on. Your Mom was a hottie.