Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Home, part 2

Hey! I see you out there, standing at the road in front of my house! Come on in; I'll give you the rest of the tour!

Yep, just pull into the driveway and come right in the front door.

This is Nate's newly assembled "man-cave." Nice makeshift slipcover on the couch, eh? It's actually a bedskirt. :) It'll do til we can find a cheap used sleeper sofa. Go stand in front of the TV & turn around. (again, no danger here, as Nate's otherwise occupied.)

Told ya! And looky there! I have a real & true dining room! Okay, now go stand in the doorway on the right.

Yep, that's the front door. Turn around, and you'll see the kitchen!

This is definitely my very favorite part of the new house. Would you just LOOK at all the counter space and cabinets! I'm in heaven. Okay, not really. But I'm fairly sure that heaven has lots of counter space and cabinets.

A view from the hallway entrance. Cabinets, I love you.

And from the living room entrance. Oh yes, that's more counter space & cabinets you're seein' there! Care to see the girls' room? Right at the end of the hall there.

View from the door.

And from the book shelf area. Sheesh, look at the dresses! Ellia's to the left; Livvie's to the right. We've decided not to get a dresser for the girls' clothes, as their closet is so huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge. Eventually we'll get closet doors for this room, too, and you won't see any of it. So I don't mind packing it full! The exchange is an emptier room...more condusive to playing and cleanliness.

And that's the end of the tour! Thanks for stopping by--let me know next time so I can have some brownies ready, okay?


Kelly Glupker said...

So is this the house Nate grew up in? Seems like I remember you saying it was his parent's house. Are they trying to sell it? How long can you stay there? Looks good, I bet you're loving all the extra space!!!!

Vicki said...

LOVED your personal home tour. Too funny. Very nice house--congrats! Aren't plastic storage units great? Caitlin and Jason both use them instead of dressers...shove them right in the closet! Everything looks lovely. Maybe we'll visit some day...? =)

Stacey said...

SO happy for you....More space to stay organize always makes a women happier.

Your new home is lovely!