Sunday, May 24, 2009

Olivia, Behind the Camera

Olivia snagged my camera the other day. Usually she just browses through the photos & videos, but this time she really went to work!

Ellia & I spent the Lord's Day at home today, blowing our noses together and snuggling. Just bad colds, as far as I can tell. Livvie's just about over it, and Ellia's not far behind. I'm pumping my system full of GSE, probiotics, a fruit & veggie supplement, and as much water as my sore throat can handle. The aches and congestion aren't the worst--it's the completely-wiped-out feeling! Must be due to pregnancy. Nevertheless, I'm taking it easy on myself, telling those guilty thoughts to pack up and move out! Hopefully it won't last long.


Stacey said...

So sorry to hear you and Ellia are under the weather. It's one thing for the baby to be sick but when Mama is to, that is hard.

OH YES! the things that need to be done will still be there, that is one consistent thing we know is the chores aren't going away, so since that is.....just relax and get well.

Praying for ya.