Monday, May 04, 2009

Name them one by one

I'm meditating on several things today that the Lord brought into my life and/or heart this past week. Care to rejoice with me?

  1. He provided a lovely crib for us via Freecycle! We were prepared just to let Baby Girl #3 snooze in the pack-n-play for awhile, but God provided before we had a chance to ask! We now own two cribs, neither of which we bought.

  2. 2 new couples were added to our church yesterday! Both families had been attending faithfully for several months and felt like family, but it was a blessing to officially welcome them to our Body. The Lord is growing our church family and blessing bountifully.

  3. After several earrrrrrly mornings in a row (yesterday was 6 a.m.! Thanks, Ellia.), the sleepy girls let this weary mama sleep in til almost 7:30! That's still earlier than my body wants to rise, but I'm surely feeling the difference.

  4. Nate's manager recently announced that there'd be no guarantee of 40 hours/week. Nate casually suggested he might call his previous construction employer to ask about some hours. THE NEXT DAY, that same boss called & asked Nate to work. Again, our great God provided before we could even ask Him! We're missing him on his normal days off, and he'll undoubtedly be exhausted long before his work week is up...but we dare not complain at the Lord's provision! It's as though God is just jumping at the opportunities to bless us!

  5. A friend called one morning last week & said, "I want to be a blessing to you. I'm bringing my teenage daughter over to watch your girls so I can take you to lunch!" What can a young mother say except "Okay!" What an unexpected treat; and we even had dessert!

  6. Our house seems to be getting smaller on us as the girls get more active. I've felt my blood pressure rising steadily at all the chaos, noise, and general busy-ness in our little home. That, combined with too-little sleep, and I was really feeling unsettled yesterday when our worship service began. But as the pianist began playing to formally begin the service, I realized the song she chose was perfect: "There is a place of quiet rest--near to the heart of God..." I thought, Boy, do I need both quiet & rest! I was blessed to remember that I can always go about with a quieted, restful heart attitude, no matter the noise around me.

I realize I've not been so faithful in blogging of late. I'm just plain tired, to be frank! I suppose I should keep in mind the fact that I am 20 weeks pregnant, after all.

April was jam-packed full of appointments, playdates, mini-vacations, and Easter; I intend to leave the calendar a lot emptier this month!