Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Homemade yogurt

Yesterday I tried a new recipe--homemade yogurt. The girls & I love yogurt, but I hate buying storebought yogurt because (a) it's expensive, and (b) it's FULL of sugar. One brand I checked has as much sugar in one serving as a can of root beer! I don't know about you, but I don't want my 10-month-old eating that, thankyouverymuch.

Well, I'd been eyeing yogurt recipes for some time, but they just seemed so complicated and labor-intensive, and then...

O, then I stumbled upon a tutorial for making yogurt in my crock pot. In my crock pot! It's enough to make me gag to think about all the time it takes to culture, especially being pregnant. Ew. (A half-gallon of milk sat on my countertop from 4:30 p.m. until 8 this morning.) But when I opened the lid and gave it a stir, hoo-wee! I really did have yogurt, just like magic!

It's cheap--the cost of a half-gallon of milk & a half-cup of plain yogurt.
It's easy--dump milk in, let it sit. Unplug it, let it sit. Stir yogurt in, let it sit. Done!
It's healthy--I love knowing that I'm creating something natural and healthy for myself & my kids. (I don't think Nate will touch it with a ten-foot-pole.)

What recipes have you tried lately?


TwoMuths said...

I'm glad you tried that and liked it - I've been thinking of doing that myself! Let us know how long it keeps, will you?

I've been buying plain whole milk yogurt for Aaron, and stirring in some all fruit spread plus a packet of stevia. He scarfs it down, and I know he's getting natural stuff instead of food colorings, chemicals, and like you said - TONS of sugar.

PS - It's really yummy, too!

Jennifer said...

I have recently discovered making dry beans in my crockpot. I know everyone else has probably been doing it forever but I just grabbed a cheap can of black or refried beans when I needed them. Well never again. I made pinto beans Sunday night and I mashed them after they cooked all day. We had bean tostadas with cheese,lettuce,sour cream and homemade salsa. Yum! My husband loved it! Even the kids were on board.

Alicia said...

Wow, that yogurt-crockpot idea sounds fabulous! I have exactly the same complaints about yogurt. I'll have to give that tutorial a try too. Especially since I have a friend who is giving me some extra milk tomorrow!

Not trying anything too adventurous these days but tonight I made a yummy carrot salad that everyone likes. That recipe is now a keeper! Clive is so picky about veggies.

Wild Ghese said...


I tried some Mediterranean last night and it was great.
I found a good site.

Anywho, it was a lot better than the fish fiasco the night before. I'm redeemed.

jennifer said...

I almost forgot. I made the reubens I had asked you about. They were a hit. My husband said restuarant quality!

Doesn't love a wall said...

I made home made granola (which of couse you know) but would LOVE to try this. However, I know my fam wouldn't eat "plain" yogurt. I get them the big tub of Stoneybrooke Farms organic yogurt and mix in either some babyfood squash for Madeline or some freh fruit. Is there a way to do that this this recipe??

Karen said...

Oh, we don't eat it plain, either. There's a reason plain yogurt can substitute for sour cream! I just ad the mix-ins individually, each time I serve up a bowl.
And actually, that granola is wonderful in it!