Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Where we belong

We just got home last night from spending a week at Nate's parents' house. I can't imagine what life is like for people who hate their in-laws. I have the most fantastic M-I-L ever. She spoiled me! I took a nap every day, watched a couple movies, and the highlight: The Brookfield Zoo.

It was supposed to be 42* and sunny. It was not. Ellia was a good sport, though!

I can't decide whether I liked the giraffes or monkeys better.

This 6-month-old giraffe was so funny! He stuck his head between the cables to scratch his neck. Livvie laughed and laughed at him!

Can you spot the sloth? He sorta resembles me, I think. Especially in the last week!

He was actually a pretty quick climber!

This mama orangutan had a sweet little baby that clung to her at all times. Precious to see I'm not the only animal in the forest with a little person constantly attached.

Daddy Gorilla catches a snooze.

Livvie & Ellia enjoy climbing in the log.

Livvie got her groove on at the face-painting station!

The only shot of me all week. I like it that way.

Next up? Valentine's Day photos!