Friday, February 20, 2009

Quick Sickness

Livvie shocked me yesterday when she wouldn't eat lunch. We were out doing errands, and I decided to treat us to McDonald's (her favorite, a rare treat). Normally she's ecstatic, but she barely managed to choke down one nugget. (That's how I feel about chicken nuggets most of the time, but that's neither here nor there...)
Anyway, I finally gave up and came home, where she cried pitifully on the toilet before her nap.
She beat me to her bed & slept soundly for 2 hours, then woke upset.
After reading a 103* temp and cleaning up a little vomit--thank GOODNESS she refused the nuggets!--I was glad just to snuggle her most of the evening. Well, as much as I could with Ellia running loose!
I made dinner and checked on her. She was like this:

This morning, she was as good as new. Great big appetite, cheery, bossing Ellia as usual.


Doesn't love a wall said...

As much as I hate when she's sick, Madeline's so cuddly and lovey....she is NEVER STILL otherwise...... hope it is gone for good!