Friday, January 23, 2009

Menus on MoneySavingMom

How flattering to see an article of mine featured on Crystal's blog today!
Though I've never even met Crystal, author of MoneySavingMom and Biblical Womanhood, I respect her so much as a wife, mother, and Christian.

We're so enjoying our time with family, but I'm exhausted!
Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

I just left a comment over at MSM. I just wanted to say that it was PERFECT timing. I had gone to her site to look up a recipe, and was going back and forth about menu planning this week...or just winging it. Thanks for the encouragement to plan! God sure does speak to us!

TwoMuths said...

I read this article earlier today and totally skipped over the bottom of the article where you are linked! How great for you!!! I was thinking as I read it, "OH the author goes to church on Wednesday nights! So do WE!" I am such an idiot...

Great article, Karen, and congrats on your guest appearance!

Jennifer said...

Thank you so much for the tips on menu-planning. I LOVE it. I always wondered what would be best, make the menu first or make it according to what's on sale.

This has really helped me.

Lilly said...

Sorry to say but she has posted your name in the tiniest script possible and makes it looks as it is her own post.That is the problem with the lady.Many large forum moderators have warned her and she still won't stop stealing deals here and there and makes it look like it is her own creation.

Tammy said...

I just read your article about menu planning (and it was clear to me it was yours, by the way), and it inspired me to try it out.

The store where we do our grocery shopping frequently slashes prices on items that are close to their expiration dates or the box is damaged, or whatever... Do you have any suggestions on how I can plan my menus according to what we find marked down, but still go to the store with some sort of a plan?

Karen said...

I usually try to leave a bit of wiggle room in my budget when I plan my menu/grocery list. That way I can snatch up those great deals without feeling guilty and making our budget suffer.

In short, I definitely go to the store with a full menu planned. Any markdowns I find will be purely extra!

What I do with my non-planned markdowns depends... one item may just complement a pre-planned meal (a 90% off pie, for example), while something else may go straight into the freezer for the following week(a package of slashed chicken breasts). A great price on a salad usually translates into a whole meal in itself, when paired with some sliced chicken breast or taco meat. Reduced fruit prices generally mean healthy, yummy breakfast shakes or breakfast breads...and so on.

Hope that helps!

Alicia said...

Girl, you are FAMOUS!!! How'd you manage to get on MSM? I heart her site too and read it regularly. Congrats! Now I'll have to go back and actually read that post since I only skimmed it the first time.

Karen said...

I've never had any trouble finding out who Crystal's guest post authors are. She did not try to make it appear as her own; the very title "Guest Post" indicates that the material isn't her own. As her avid follower for over a year, I've not once suspected any form of plagiarism on Crystal's part. If you have a problem with her, perhaps you should contact her directly. As for me, I'm thrilled with her protocol for guest postings.