Thursday, January 15, 2009

Giggles & Squeals

This week I finally accepted the fact that Ellia needs to be supplemented with feedings. The result: a noticeably more content, happy baby!

(Please ignore all the toys in the background... Daddy was babysitting!)


Stacey Robinette said...

Happy Birthday to Ellia (7 months) today! WOW!!! It's going by so quickly. Brienna is 2 weeks older then her and it seems Ellia is moving around and doing way more....what is her personality like?

How do you get your hubby to babysit??? :-)


Ashley said...

Hey Sister!!
I finally made a blogger so you could see my Cula Baby whenever you want....and check on me if I ever post about myself. My world seems to revolve around her right now..(until forever I suppose)!
I love love love Ellia's little laugh and Olivia is such a big girl now. I bet she is such a helper.
Harmony said that Avery HAS to carry her own book bag to and from the car everytime they go to daycare.
Well, I love you dearly and I can't wait till Mom and Dad go up there so I can see all the wonderful snow pictures they take and hear about those two precious angels and what fun they had with them!

Karen_thrifty said...

It's so cute when they start laughing so hard about silly things. You have two precious little girls.