Friday, January 16, 2009

Cheap Window Dressing & a Girls' Night In

I found these sage curtains clearanced down from $14.99 to a meager $1.50! It matches our shower curtain & rug beautifully, and makes such a difference in the bathroom! I got a pair of navy blue ones, too, for our bedroom.

We had Caela over for a slumber party last night. What fun! Nate didn't get home 'til 9. So until then, it was all girl stuff--PJ's, tea party, cute little show about bunnies...

...and jumping on the mattress~

Ellia was fascinated by Nate's ears.

Such a happier baby, now that her appetite is satisfied at every meal!


Stacey said...

Brienna is normally a content little sweet baby that you hardly hear a peep out of and just in the last 2 weeks she is so whinny and never seems happy, I am thinking it might be the food thing. May I ask what your method of food and schedule you use for sound sold that more food has worked (I need HELP and some REST)

Thanks so much.


Stacey said...

So Ellia eats every 3 hours it looks like, that is what Brienna does also, but I thought that was a lot so 2 weeks ago I started introducing a few tsp. of cereal or baby food, but it has not seemed to help so maybe I need to give her a little formula. She has never had a bottle.

Ellia seems to go from Nursing to a bottle pretty well?

Brienna was sleeping 7 hours at night until we went to the states and now that we are back she is sleeping every 3 hours in the night. I am a zombie!

What is your reason for not giving Ellia what age will you give them to her?

I am so thankful I found you on helps to have someone that is in the same stages of life and is so easy to relate to. Being so far from family and friends to ask to give and get advice from is not so easy at times but I'm glad you are able to shed some light on this situation.