Monday, May 19, 2008

Funny Girl

Today I washed our infant seat cover & cleaned up the base. Olivia thought it was very comfy. I can't believe how huge she looks!

Our neighbor had this baby doll stroller sitting on the curb for the trash man... nothing wrong with it, aside from a little dirt! We snagged it up right away--Olivia LOVES it! I think I know what we'll be doing tomorrow!


Alicia said...

i think you should call her your happy girl - every photo you post she has such a huge grin! awesome find on the doll stroller. i'm sure you'll get much use out of it.

Kim and Jon Kelsey said...

Hey Karen!
Thanks! You look great too! I am "feeling" great. Just tired of being on bed rest! I get out for a little drive here and there to keep from going completely insane, but have pretty much been on the couch for 7 weeks now! Doc says they will do an ultrasound on June 4th (I will be 34 wks and 6 days) and then they will probably take me off of the medicine to stop my contractions. Thanks for asking! You don't have much longer to go either! Yeah! Any names picked out or keeping that a secret?