Wednesday, May 28, 2008


This morning we headed over to Milan, where Livvie enjoyed a playdate with her "wends" (friends). Jillian & Phoebe were thrilled to see her again, and they had a great time! This photo was taken in late April--I didn't take my camera. There was a new big addition since we'd been there... a darling little playhouse, complete with a stained-glass window and curtains. Olivia went on the big-girl swings and down the slide lots of times. She had sorely missed her little friends!

Livvie sacked out on the drive home and went to bed with just a snack in her belly. Big morning and lots of fresh air will do that to you... (yawn!)

This afternoon we're going to look at a toddler bed frame that someone has offered to us (a great Freecycle find!). At first we weren't sure about it because it doesn't come with a mattress. But I put an ad on craigslist this morning and someone has offered us a toddler mattress for $8! I hope it all works out!

I'm off to lie on the heating pad. Yep, sore back, sore hips, sore bum... come on out, baby girl!


Sara said...

Hang in there, Girl and don't rush it. Very fine line between the difficulty of pregnancy and the difficulty of caring for an infant! :)
Although at this point, you may be willing to take the gamble that you have a good sleeper headed your way!
Livvie is such a doll and seems to be ready to take on her role as big sister!
I just can't believe we both have kids, and you are about to have TWO! Time flies.
Miss you! Planing to come up to MI when Kim has her baby. Try to time it just right, so I can meet your angel too, okay?!?!

Karen said...

Hey, I remember all too well the months (yes, MONTHS!) of sleeplessness. I'm not sleeping well anyway... I may as well be doing something profitable while I'm up! :) Looking forward to seeing you.

Alicia said...

AWESOME deal on the toddler bed! God is so good!