Monday, April 28, 2008

What's in a name?

We decided long ago that we would keep Baby #2's name a surprise. But since we haven't completely agreed on a name, it doesn't really matter! So I'm asking for your 2 cents worth!

I like names that are just a bit unusual, but not overly trendy: Ruby, Claire, Cynthia (not Cindy!).

Nate likes pretty, very feminine names: Brianna, Alena.

We have agreed on 2 or 3 names that we both like, but we're not in love with any of them. Is it okay to give your child a name you don't LOVE?

We're accepting any and all suggestions. And no, I won't tell you what names we do agree on! By the way, we have absolutely no clue what to choose for a middle name. As if one name isn't difficult enough!


TwoMuths said...

We have a super easy time coming up with girl names we can agree on, but when it comes to boys' names, we are polar opposites! I have a big old list of "requirements" for names, so I guess that makes me a little more difficult. Ha ha. We haven't picked out a boy name quite yet, but we still have our girl name left from last time. (Cadence Abigail)

All that to say, I think our children might very well be named with names we don't "love" but it's the best we can do. I don't particularly love Aaron's middle name (Carter) but the poor child had to wait 4 days before we finally settled on a middle name, so it was the best we could do under the circumstances. Who knows - maybe something will just come to you??

Sara said...

How about Brynn, Mylee, or Kyla?!?! Those are three girl names I love, but wouldn't "use," because we know people by those names.

No, I do not think you have to "love" the name. You just have to love the BABY! :)

Good luck! And can't wait to hear what you've decided!

Harms said...

I am keen on Claire.

Sara said...

Oh Karen, btw, looks like your trip to Texas was fun! I know you've been wanting to do that for SO long! I'm so happy you were able to go, and you are TINY!!! I'm jealous. I blew up like a balloon with Gage-hope I have better luck the second time around... NO, I do NOT have any news! :)

Anonymous said...

How about Quinn?
Trisha Kelsey

Vicki said...

I really like Claire--it's pretty, classy, and cute all in one. :o) Jason and I both tend to "label" names with people we knew/know with the same name, so for us, Brianna would be out. I also like Lily...and Lizzie. Kylah is also one of my favorites. For a middle name? I think Jean would suffice. :o) Can't wait to hear what that baby girl's name is when she gets here!!

Vicki said...

AND, after reading your post below this one it reminded me that I also like Jillian. :o)

Shannon said...

Oh, this name arguing is still so fresh on my mind! Tim and I took the necessary papers from the hospital incase we changed Emily Claire to something else we were 'discussing'. Print off '1000 Baby Names' from the internet. Have Nathan go through and make a mark next to names that he likes or could live with. You do the same with another color-- see how many jive. This helped us narrow down what we liked vs what we couldn't live with. By the way, this printout went to the hospital with us! Here are a few of the ones that I wanted but wasn't accepted: Madeline, Natalie, Karis, Mara, Hannah, Shelby, Elise, Sheridan, Chelsea, Brooke, Annie. (beware of Annie though, since we have curly red hair in our family!) P.S. I think Ruby is cute -- never thought of that one.

Nicole said...

The meaning of a name is very important to my husband, but we also go with how it sounds. We have Ariel Shalom (the light of God is peace) and Anastasia Hope (resurrection hope) picked out for girls' names, and I think we're pretty set on Ariel. But we think we are having another boy anyway.

Other girls' names I like are Ashlynn, Aspen, Arista, Brookelynn, Haven, Jasmine Christine, Julia, Kristin, Kierstin, Noel, etc.

I like the name Cynthia that you mentioned as well.

Shyla said...

LOL! If you go away from these comments with out a name...LOL!!

I have always liked the name claire or chloe. My girlfriend's sister named her daughter Emma-claire and i just like hearing her say it b/c she's from atlanta!

As you know..Oliviah is my all time fave - but when i was pregnant, we were also toying with kaelyn (mine and jenny's middle names put together).

I agonize over names for girls. Boys always came to us easily - so that is why i always felt like we were having boys b/c we always had names picked out for them.

So, no real help from me :) (what about combining any of your family members names to come up with a name???)

So happy for you that you got to go and see your family in TX. What an answer to prayer. I just read through the post and couldn't help but think back to college when we prayed about finding your birth family. How cool!

Karen said...

Thanks for all the suggestions! We'll surely throw many of them into the pot for consideration!