Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Belly Picture #2

I'm terrible. When I was pregnant with Olivia, I faithfully took photos every four weeks. Not kidding. This time around... well, let's just say our second-born might have have an inferiority complex. The last time I snapped a self-portrait, I was 12 weeks along.
Here I am tonight, at 32 weeks pregnant. (32? Can it be??)

I had an OB appointment this afternoon. All is well with our little girl, and I have (finally) moved into the plus side of the weight numbers. I'm now 4 pounds above my pre-pregnancy weight. I hope they're happy. I worked hard for those pounds! (wink, wink!)


Alicia said...

You look fabulous! Wow, 32 weeks already?!? And I'm in total awe of your measly weight gain. How are you feeling?

Heather said...

Girl, you look great!! This may be a stupid questions, but does it feel good to only have gained 4 lbs?? I can't believe that you only have 8 weeks left...hopefully it is going fast for you!

Sara said...

You look FAB, Karen! I was hesitant to take too many pics when I was preg with Gage, but if I would have looked as good as you do, I think I would have stayed a little more faithful with the belly pics!! I'm so excited to see little girl #2!!

Karen said...

I'm feeling really great, Alicia. Thanks for asking. I must be in the nesting stage, I think.

And uh, YEAH, Heather, it does feel great not to obsess about weight gain! First time in a long time! :)