Saturday, February 16, 2008

Busy Beavers

Wow, have we been busy! Between Concordia, work, church, and now Mary Kay, life is a whirlwind!

Olivia had her 18-month checkup this week... even though she's only 17 months. Everything looks great, and she's developing as she should. She's 32% for weight & 45% for height. My little pixie! She has been catching up on all the meals she missed last week; she's eating like a horse!

Valentine's Day was nice. We went to Stillwater Grill. I had chicken & pasta with a Caesar salad, and Nate had the ribeye. We splurged on an appetizer, too--spinach & artichoke dip! Mmm!

Last night I held my first skin care class (a.k.a. Mary Kay party). It went fine--a couple glitches, but nothing disastrous.

Today we slept in (glory!) and will just take it easy until it's time to leave for Nate's game, which is at 3. Tonight my MK director, who also happens to be my very good friend, is having several of us over to her house for a girls' night in. That will be nice.

Hope your weekend is relaxing and profitable! What are your plans?


Alicia said...

Glad to hear your household is feeling better! health always helps put an optimistic light on life! Nothing big going on here. Chloe and I had an outing to the library, a long walk to enjoy the sunshine, and lunch out. Enjoy your girls night

Sara said...

You surely do sound busy! I'm spending my weekend soaking up time with my boys! Missed them last week!!
Two girls is going to be so much fun. I always wished I had a sister!
Good luck with Mary Kay--guess that could really come in handy with a house full of girls!