Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Olivia & I were invited to help celebrate Melissa's birthday. (Melissa was a 7th & 8th grade English student of mine, and I coached her in volleyball.)

So last night we had a scrumptious dinner at Red Robin! I had the California Chicken burger and WAY too many steak fries. Happy 18th birthday, Melissa!

Here's a preggo photo. I've taken to wearing skirts upon occasion, partly because they're just more comfortable (elastic- or spandex-waisted ones!), but also because I feel better in them. I stand straighter, sit better (not that I do much sitting!), and feel more feminine in a skirt. Besides, I have lots of really cute skirts; why save them only for church?

And here are the ladies of the house.


Alicia said...

you look GREAT!! get to work at gaining some weight now, girl. sounds like you need more trips to red robin.

partyofsix said...

your outfit is adorable. - skirts are nice especially when you are prego... pants don't stay up on me... not unless they are stretchy pants. i LOVE sweats, however not always flattering.