Thursday, September 07, 2006

Last Day of Work

Yep, today's my last day of work before Peanut arrives! It's exciting, mostly. I just hope I don't get too stir-crazy in the meantime. I have sort of convinced myself that Olivia will come quite a bit later than my due date... she's got only 4 days to prove me wrong! :) Today is the only day this week that I work. Thus far I've been doing some cleaning and food preparation, and also some errands and lots of reading. I would imagine that next week I'll do lots of walking and bath-taking and... I don't know! One can dust & sweep the house only so many times! :) Any suggestions for relaxing WITHOUT going nuts?

Anyhow. Evan and Corissa are back in school now, all day. So it's just Wade and I. I really like that. We need to go to the Secretary of State's office to get temporary plates for the Jeep. Nate is hoping to come, too, and then we'll all have lunch together afterward. Wade absolutely adores Nate, so he'll be really excited.

That's all for now!


pamela s said...

I've never been in your position before, but I think I'd just plan some one on one time with my hubby & good friends. Eating good food, laughter, & good conversation makes time fly for me. :) I hope someone more knowledgable can help you.