Sunday, September 24, 2006


Hey, folks... Olivia has become somewhat of a speed eater, so I'll be quick.

1. Our beautiful digital camera is missing. We think someone stole it in WalMart, with about 95 undeveloped pics of Livvie inside. Yes, I'm absolutely sick about it.

2. My parents were here from last Wednesday to Friday night, along with my brother and sister-in-law & nephew. My mom was such a big help around here; I was sad to see them go.

3. Today is our 2nd wedding anniversary. I knew Nate would make a great daddy, but I never dreamed that parenthood would complete our relationship so beautifully. I love you, Babe!

4. Thursday evening I had my first telephone conversation with my birth mother, Frances. The 2 of us spoke for a few minutes, and then I put her on speakerphone so my parents could talk, too. It was very surreal--I've wanted to talk to her for so long. Our relationship has been progressing slowly for a couple months now. I suspect things will move a little more quickly, now that we can call one another and eventually meet in person. The Lord has been so good to me. I am so thankful for you, Frances!

5. Olivia's world is full of firsts, but this one is noteworthy: last night (we were out, of course!) Olivia had her first blowout. Now, she's got quite the gastrointestinal tract--we've checked her with wide eyes many times after hearing and feeling rumblings that were off the Richter scale! But last night she managed to squirt that foul stuff out of her diaper and ALL THE WAY up her back. Seriously. Up to her neck. Disgusting. 8 wipes, one outfit, and 10 minutes later, she was happy again. I felt like I needed a shower! That one's going down in the baby book! :)

Well, the little gal is falling asleep--I'd better run. Hope your weekend was great!


Vicki said...

Happy Anniversary! Sorry to hear about your camera...that is awful. I bet it was nice to have the fam there for a while. I've been curious how things were going with Frances...thanks for the update! And congrats to Olivia on her 1st blowout! ;)

nate, christina, and connor said...

the blowout makes me laugh. connor was constantly needing to be changed (and practically bathed from wipes) b/c of the infamous blowout. i started storing my shout spayer on his changing table, b/c i knew i would need it...daily.

bummer about the camera. that is a sickening feeling, isn't it? i hope they find pics of a brand new baby and feel so guilty they turn it in. at least the memory card. i mean come low can you go? thieves! now i'm all worked up.

and that's great about connecting with frances. i was just thinking about an adopted friend and how she can say she was adopted be chosen....and by God! what a neat thought. :)

journeyer said...

I too hope that your camera could be recovered- or that God will provide another for you soon. Does your birth mother live far from you?

Kelli said...

I will be praying that your camera shows up! I am sure it was so nice to spend time with your family and for them to meet Livvie. How fun! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! Glad you were able to talk to Frances and that your family was also able to talk to her. Sounds like you are a very busy, yet very happy mommy!!

Alicia said...

Congrats to you all for surviving your first blow-out! Isn't that gross? I feel so bad for little babies when they have to go through that. Good thing you could get it cleaned up right away.

How cool that you get to connect with Frances! Keep us posted.

I'll pray your camera turns up unexpectedly.

Heather said...

Oh my word! I remember all the blow outs...I started to keep the Zout spray right with us...ALL THE TIME!!! I was so picky about there clothes and about them getting stained. :) Now...Logan doesn't wear something for more than 2 minutes before it has a grass stain on it...any suggestions!

I hope your camera shows rude people can be that is for sure!!!

Reads said...

Wow I'm living through the blow out stage with Audrey as well!! Some days it's best just to soak those clothes. I love that after Audrey makes a huge noise from the diaper, she gives me a big smile. Wow they must feel better huh? Tide to go Pen works wonders, of course that won't help for the big blow outs, for those I use oxy clean or Totally toddler from Babies R Us. Enjoy the moments, I'm sure our little ones will love to hear our memories someday.

carissa said...

I remember being in Walmart nursing Andrew in the fitting room (major blowout happened) and Emma was being potty trained and she was about ot have an accident any moment if I didn't take her...aaah the stress...and the memories to record :) sorry about your camera too