Monday, August 21, 2006

Jambalaya? No Thanks!

Saturday Nate and I took a little babymoon getaway. We were planning to go to the Detroit Zoo, but it rained. So we putzed around Ypsi, caught some lunch and a movie, and headed to our hotel. We went for a quick swim and then to Fishbones for dinner.

I love seafood, provided it doesn't taste or smell like a fish market--I especially like shrimp. So I decided on the jamabalaya. I'd never had it before, but I liked what was in it...rice, shrimp, sausage, some spicy sauce, etc...

Well, my jambalaya arrived, looking and smelling wonderful. They served quite a generous portion, and TONS of shrimp! So I dove in for the first bite... hmm. Kinda fishy. I tried again. Boy, that's really strong! Took a drink, had some bread, tried it again. Okay, it's official. I finally said to Nate, "I'm embarrassed to say it, but I do NOT like this!" If you know me, you know I am NOT PICKY when it comes to food! Especially at a restaurant--I've never complained about my food; not because I'm too afraid to, but because I usually like what I get! But this jambalaya, NO WAY could I eat it.

So the waitress came back to ask how everything was. I told her, quite embarrassed, about the fishy taste. She fetched her manager, who kindly offered to bring me a menu. I was pretty embarrassed but glad for a second try. This time, I ordered the very safe-sounding "New Orleans Pasta with Chicken." And it was delicious.

We thanked the waitress profusely and tipped her generously, and we thanked the manager again on our way out. I think I'd probably eat at Fishbones again... but I'd definitely stick with the chicken or a salad!


Vicki said...

I'm not a big fish fan either...Sunday evening we went to dinner at a pretty fancy restaurant and I felt like fish, but I wanted cod fish...breaded, deep fried, fish fry fish. I ordered walleye because it sounded closest to what I wanted. I couldn't eat it. All I could picture was a smelly fish skeleton. It had that awful fishy taste. I felt so bad, but the rice pilaf that it was served with was delish!

Shyla said...

hey karen!
I popped online today quickly since nathan is working from home today and wanted to see how you were doing. Too bad about the fish smell! I love seafood and that would have been a bummer! How have you been feeling? i can't believe you are almost done!! Jackson keeps talking about how he can't wait to finally meet his fiance!! :) how fun would it be to be mother-in-laws! LOL I would have to say that then we would confidently say we had come "full circle!" take care and hang in there! Sleep now deary!! :)