Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Childbirth Preparation

Is there such a thing? :) Well, Nate and I had our first class last night. I didn't hear anything I hadn't read or heard already, but it was still good to hear them again from a different perspective. Nate learned a few things, he says, and it seemed like he was really into it. We did fine looking at all the diagrams and models, but when it came time for breathing practice... we were like a couple junior high girls--all giggles!

See, this particular class we're in doesn't do any weird panting-type breathing, just controlled breathing combined with concentrated relaxation. So here we are, lying side-by-side on our mats. We're doing this in-thru-your-nose, out-thru-your-mouth deep breathing, while the instructor says, "Now, concentrate on relaxing everything in your body, all that tension. Just let it all out with your breaths." At the quietest moment, Nate looks at me and whispers, "Wouldn't it be funny if someone farted right now?!" I about died laughing. And then I couldn't stop. I hate that; the harder I tried, the more futile my attempts became. Then, just as I'd get a grip, she'd say it again, "Just let it all out," and I was a goner. Luckily, we didn't do breathing practice for very long.

Anyway. One class down, 3 to go. Hopefully in the future we'll be able to act like grownups. But the expression, "Just let it all out" has a whole new meaning to me.


carissa said...

totally cracked me up...speaking of farting, when we were roommates, do you remember getting a lighter (etc...)???
Only a couple weeks to go. I'm soo happy for you. I can't wait to see what she looks like. She'll be beautiful for sure.

Karen said...

O my goodness, YES! I had completely forgotten about that story! Man, we've got some FUNNY ones, don't we? No surprise with the Marvin sisters in our trailer...