Saturday, May 13, 2006


This post is dedicated to the most important woman in my life--my mom. (Note: This is not a substitute for a forgotten card or phone call. The card and gift are en route, and I will call on Sunday. :)

I thought I might note some of the things that my mother has put up with over the past quarter-century; this should give you a pretty good idea of my mom's loving and longsuffering qualities.

1. Well, at one time I was an infant. Need I say more...(especially to all you mommies out there?)

2. Mom took care of me through about a dozen cases of strep throat, including the time I missed the first day of the 3rd grade. I think my family holds stock in amoxicillin.

3. Mom also nursed me back to myself after 2 tubes-in-the-ears procedures. Not only that...she bought me an awesome pair of new Reebok high tops as a get well present! Boy, did THAT speed up recovery time!

4. I never once heard my mom complain in all the years of chauffeuring me to and from soccer, piano, softball, basketball, volleyball, youth activities, summer camp, or 4H.

5. The only thing I hated worse than piano lessons was piano practice. Mom faithfully set the timer for 30 minutes each day and then endured my musical protests, often banged out more loudly than necessary.

6. Until I was about 8, I had very thick, very curly hair down to my rear. She brushed and styled it every day. I wasn't always such a willing subject, either.

7. We often went swimming or to the playground with Mom's sister and her kids. I tried my best not to allow Mom to engage in conversation. It usually went something like this: "Mom! Watch this!" followed by, "Mom! Did you see that?" Repeat one million times per half hour.

8. I have a younger brother. ...I'll leave it at that.

9. When I hit junior high, the big bang theory was all the rage. The bigger the bangs, the better. Many, many mornings I'd emerge from the bathroom, leaving a sticky film of Rave hairspray behind. Mom would take one look at my cemented rat's nest and try not to laugh as she ordered me back into the bathroom to "tame those things down." Repeat at least three times per day. I'd like to take this time to thank my mom especially for this particular one. At the time I was so jealous of my classmates who sported the ridiculously high bangs. Now, looking back at pictures, I'm grateful!

10. "No, Karen, you may not wear your jean skirt to Sunday morning church." Repeat every Sunday from age 13-17. Just so you know, Mom, I always dress up on Sunday mornings and don't even wear my jean skirts to the evening service unless I'm in the nursery.

11. I can't recall one single time that, when asked to dry the dishes, I said, "Okay" without an attitude. But my poor mother was determined to (a) have a little help with this simple task and (b) teach her rebellious daughter that even yucky jobs have to be done. Confession, Mom: I still absolutely hate doing the dishes, and I never, EVER dry them. I hope you don't think it was all in vain! :)

12. I was Patch the Pirate's most adoring fan. I don't know what Mom truly thought of Sissy Seagull's breathy voice or all the hundreds of sing-songy tunes, but she never complained when I turned on a tape. Or when I belted out "A peanut butter and jelly sandwich, yeah!" Or when I recited ALL the lines along with the tape. And she never said, "Good grief, would you find something else to listen to!?"

13. My high school boyfriend didn't pan out. I was furious with both my parents that night, but Mom came into my room and rubbed my back while I sobbed pitifully into my pillow. She said lots of wise things, too, which I didn't appreciate at the time. But I still remember them. And someday I'll probably say them, too.

14. I've said lots of hurtful things to my mom. And I've been impatient, openly frustrated, and downright nasty to her. And still she got excited--every time I came home from camp or college, and now when we talk on the phone. She's a Mom, so of course she loves unconditionally, right? Too often I took that for granted and just stomped all over her. But my mom knows that I would never trade her for any other mom in the universe. I love you dearly, Mom; I can't imagine not having you as my mom! I wish we lived closer so I could tell you that in person and give you a big hug. Happy Mother's Day, and thank you for putting up with so much from me!

(This list is not exhaustive and should not be interpreted as such.)


Vicki said...

Tissue, please. You're so sweet...and so is your mom. :)

Heather said...

What a great post Karen! What would we do without or moms?

So I wasn't the only one that tried to wear my jean skirt on Sunday mornings and couldn't? :)

You liked Rave? I liked AquaNet. :)

Have a great mothers day!

Alicia said...

Aww, I can identify with you on a lot of your points. My mom was also pretty longsuffering when I was a jerkface. Let's pray we can be as patient and loving as our moms are!

I didn't do high bangs so much as sausage roll bangs. :)

Sam said...

Ha Ha Ha!!! i love #8 lol. that made my day.

carissa said...

HI GIRL. I've been thinking about you. HOpe you're feeling well. Is your baby keeping you up at night kicking yet? Love ya.